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Since 1972

thanks to you, we are a proudly Mexican company leader in the Air Freshener market.


All of our products

are produced with the highest quality standards to offer you the best-in-class car and home air fresheners.


Our extensive fragrance catalogue

provides access to a wide variety of  fragrances grouped into two product lines: paper hangouts and sprays, looking forward to satisfy the market with innovative products and scents.


Bet you have heard of

“La Chica Fresita,” “El Vainillino Cotorro,” and “El Catrín Lavandin,” all of them star line products with strong roots on consumer´s choice for years. We have attended the Mexican market for over 45 years, central and south America for more than 30 years, the United States of America over the last 15 years and we have recently extended our distribution to Canada and Europe.


45 years back our commitment to satisfy our customers creating memorable impressions from the past and willing to be part of their future.

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